The Dice Tower

Reviews: Orchard, Herd Mentality, Cleocatra, Sonora

Apps: Axio and Cartographers

Game Pie: Trick Taking Games

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In this episode, we review Pop-Tarts the game, Targi with its new expansion, Mia London and the Case of the 625 Scoundrels, Nidavallir, Pendulum, and Small World of Warcraft.  After Geoff gives us some common sense, we answer a pile of questions!

- Games like Pillars of the Earth?

- Tactile sensations in games we don't like?

- Games we wish we designed?

- Travel versions of big games?

- Games too big?

- Gaming with A-level players?

- Premium pieces?

- Moving with a game collection?

- Narrating our turn?

- Asked a tough question? and 

- Ranking games based on playing the app.


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Suzanne and Mandi review Smartphone Inc, Deep Vents, Viscounts of the West Kingdom, and Cat Sudoku. They chat about a couple of Shelf Staples. And the show wraps with a Game Pie about train games

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In this episode, we review Scooby Doo: Betrayal at Mystery Mansion, Overpower, Pendulum, CTRL, The Zorro Dice Game, and Last Light.  Geoff talks about cockroaches, Tom interviews Scott Brady, and we answer live questions from a Youtube audience!  Finally, we end the show with our top ten games that start with the letter "R".

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