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NOTE:  Due to some file transfer issues, this episode is a week late, AFTER Dice Tower Con.  Sorry about that!

In this show, we take a look at 

Guildhall Fantasy Trio, Burano, Ghost-Fightin’ Treasure Hunters, Fool’s Gold, Garbage Day, and Dead Last.  A plethora of contributors join us, from law cases to DnD horror stories!  We start a quick contest, answer a few quesions, and finally end the show with our top ten ancient era games!

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In this show, Sam Healey and Zee Garcia join as hosts and we talk about some of the games we saw at Origins, including Tyrants of the Underdark, Captain Sonar, and more!  Chaz Marler gives his impressions, we play a live version of the Match Game, and we end the show answering questions including how we would die in an RPG.

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Huzzah!  In this pre-Origins 2016 episode, Eric and Tom talk about Guilds of London, Council of Four, IceCool, and Box of Rocks.  We hear from a TON of our contributors, from Takenoko to Um Reifenbreite to Imperial Settlers.  A harrowing tale of treachery is told, and we talk about our favorite ten medieval themed games.  But we don't end there, and finish with a question of the week IN THE SAME EPISODE.

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In this show, recorded live at the UK Gaming Expo, Tom and Sam take a look at games they played before and during the fair, talk about our trip to London and Nottingham, and banter with a few Dice Tower contributors.  We also give a preview of Skythe.

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In this show, we discuss Coffee Roaster, Dream Factory, My First Carcassonne, Bear Valley, Magecraft, Bad Medicine, and Dwarves, Inc. The Sweet Spot looks at tense games, Luke introduces to to some racing games, The Solo Game Corner explores Healthy Heart Hospital, and we hear the Biography of Hive. Plus, a Tale of Boardgaming Horror, letters from the mailbag, and our tips on how to deal with obnoxious gamers.

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In this episode, we talk about Star Trek: Frontiers, Linkee, Happy Pigs, Legends of Draxia, Tichu, Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space, and Ladies and Gentlemen.  We are joined by special guest Jorge Garcia (Lost, Hawaii 5-0) and talk about his gaming past and treacheries.  We finally hear from Greg about the Gathering, listen to Geoff stir up a ruckuss, hear a tale of Amazement, and more!  Finally, we end this extra-long show with our top ten games with amazing card art.

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In this episode, we are taking a look at Isle of Skye, Stratos, Exodus Expansion, Magic duel deck, Stratos, and more!  We hear about a pig race, the history of Carcassonne, GameTek, and how to deal with horrible boxes.  And a pile of questions and answers!

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In this show, we talk about Alan’s Adventureland, Shadow over Westminster, Histrio, The Palaces of Carrara, Ravenous River, and Dice City.  We also hear about an annoying gamer, Friday, bashing Monopoly, and a report on Tabletop Day at the F2Z headquarters.  Finally, we end the show with our top ten Creepy Crawlies games - games that feature bugs, spiders, worms, and more!

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In this show, we talk about Dungeon!, FreshFish, T’Zolkin: Tribes and Prophecies, Bastian, Spheres of Influence, DilluviaProject, and Greedy Greedy Goblins.  Tom talks about thesights and sounds of the Gathering of Friends, Eric goes through agamut of emotions with a bunch of Tales, and we hear from a greatnumber of great contributors!  Finally, we end the showtalking about how to pitch your game to apublisher.

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In this episode, we talk about Rockwell, Animal on Board, Meeple War,Prime Time, Medici, and Eric gives us a Pandemic Legacy Update.  We also answer questions about local game stores, Dicemasters, legacy games, and more!  Finally, we end the show with our top ten games for teaching math!

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