The Dice Tower

With the return of Moritz - giving a review of Magic Realm - we continue our contest for the Hill Giant and Sir Hawthorne. Mary gives us the news and reviews Apples to Apples, and Sam talks about Bonobo Beach. Tom gives his top ten games for young children, and we discuss once again if games age well, as well as answer other questions.

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In this episode, Sam continues his two-player marathon with Tony & Tino, while Tom rants against comments against Boardgamegeek. We start a new contest for the Battlelore Hill Giant and Sir Hawthorne (for Heroscape), and listen to the news from Mary - as well as a review of Yspahan. We talk about the top ten games we're looking forward to from 2007, and Jason mentions wargames he's looking forward to. A new member of our staff submits a review of Ticket to Ride, and we answer a question or two at the end.

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In this episode, we take a bit of a break for the holidays, so our regular schedule is mostly gone. Mary gives the news, and Tom interviews Bernie Dekovak (aka Major Fun).

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In this episode, we announce the winners to our greatest board game contest ever! We also talk about a recent gaming session of Marvel Heroes and more games, and Sam continues his two-player marathon with Spy. Moritz talks about Tara: Seat of Kings, and Mary gives us the news and reviews Gheos. A listener session report, feedback and our comments, and the Top Ten Games from 2006 round out the segment.

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In this episode, we warn listeners that only 1 week remains in the huge Christmas giveaway contest. Sam also begins his two player marathon with the game Voltage, and Moritz and Jack Bauer review 24/7: the Game. Mary gives us news and talks about a few children's games, and we once again talk about Heroscape and Warhammer 40K. Finally, I give my top ten horror-themed games.

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In this episode, Mary Prasad joins us to give us the news, and Moritz gives us the gaming news from Germany. We continue our mega Christmas contest, with a few more games added! Tom reviews Sudoku Challenge, and rants about themed Monopoly sets. Heroscape and Warhammer 40K are compared, and we talk about our new gaming opportunity here in Korea. Finally, we finish up the show with Moritz' top ten classic games!

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In this episode, Tom talks with Richard Borg, designer of Liar's Dice, Memoir '44, and Commands and Colors: Ancients. Richard talks about his designing, his playtesting, and some new ideas for games in the future!

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In this episode, we continue our gigantic Christmas giveaway contest, and talk about our first impressions of several games. Sam rants about people's ratings, Mike Hibbert talks about online gaming, Jason talks about the "Samurai-zation" of war games, and Mortiz gives us the gaming news. Lost Cities and Balloon Cup are the first entries to our Grudge Match, and we talk about a session of Twilight Imperium 3. Finally, we close the show out with Mark Jackson.

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In this Episode, Rick Thornquist says goodbye, and leaves us with his top ten games of all time. We finish up our contest for Cluzzle and Wits and Wagers, and review Venus Needs Men. Sam and I answer several questions, and Moritz decides to make up some new gaming terms. We mention our hot game of the week, and start the biggest and best gaming contest ever!

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With one episode to go, another episode of the Dice Tower!

In this episode, Rick talks about his experiences at BGG.con, and Moritz hails us with more German lessons. Sam and I have a session report of Perikles, and discuss why it seems that I never win any games. I have a talk with Derk Solko about the makings of BGG.con, and Jason White gives us his top ten block war games. We continue our contest for Cluzzle and Wits and Wagers - only one week to go! We have the show available in .mp3 format, which you can download below by right clicking the link below, and selecting "save link as".

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