The Dice Tower

A special small segment from the Dice Tower in which Mary does several short interviews of gaming notables. With input from Rick Thornquist, David Fair, and more!

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In this episode, we preview several new games, and Mary gives us the news about what's coming up in the next couple of months. Moritz talks about Mozart the gamer, and recounts his Wilderness War game with Jason White. Mike Hibbert reviews On the Underground, and we talk about if a person should ever deliberately lose a game. Finally, Greg, Mary, Sam, and I all talk about games that are "pleasant suprises" - games that were much better than we originally thought. And check out our new contest for Treasure Fleet!

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In this jam packed episode, Mary interviews many notables in the gaming industry - including Jay Tummelson. She also gives a lot of news - including a Valley Games exclusive announcement, and Sam and Tom discuss the upcoming Fantasy Flight games. Moritz talks about Yspahan, and Eric takes a trip to the extremely exclusive Dice Tower convention. Sam and Tom talk about recent gaming at Camp Casey - and their differing views of Liberte. Finally, we round the show out with our biggest disappointments in games, from Jason, Greg, and Tom.

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On a biweekly schedule now, the Dice Tower is bigger and better! Moritz and Jason both give their points of view on their Wilderness War match, and Moritz gives us some strange game news from Germany. Sam reviews Ghoulash, Tom talks about Tenseseconds, and we answer a few listener questions. Mary interviews a few gaming personalities at the Gathering of Friends, and both she and Greg give their top game lists from the Gathering of Friends. Finally, Sam and I both compare and contrast Tide of Iron and Combat Commander: Europe.

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In this episode, we discuss a couple session reports involving Incan Gold, Wallenstein, Pillars of the Earth, Lord of the Rings, Manhatten, Clash of the Gladiators, Dart Wars, Nottingham, Nexus Ops, and Shadows over Camelot. Greg talks about "old games", and Mary gives us two news segments - fixing an error Tom made last week. We continue our contest, listen to Eric talk about Days of Wonder's (made up) technical support, and have a review of Rumis. Finally, we talk about our top ten mean and nasty games - games that allow (or even encourage) you to be evil towards the other players.

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In this episode, Moritz talks about his second favorite gaming accessory and updates us with his battle against Jason. Mary gives us the news and a review, and Eric gives us another 72 second review. Greg discusses three new games, including Pillars of the Earth, and Tom dreams about games going mainstream. Finally, we talk about the top ten games for a Geometry class that teach logical thinking.

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In this episode, Sam and I discuss large game collections, and Mary brings us the news. Moritz talks about his game clash with Jason, and Sam and I discuss "exclusive" games. Finally, Mary, Moritz, and I all discuss what we consider to be essential accessories for games.

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In this episode, Mary gives us the news, and we continue our contest for Incan Gold and 24/7. The main focus of our show is our Top Ten Influential Games lists. Greg Schloesser gives us the top ten influential games of all time, Jason talks about the top ten influential war games, and Mary talks about the top ten influential games from the last fifty years. Finally, the boys from the Spiel join us us and give us their top ten influential games from the last fifty years.

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In this episode, we give our top ten games for a church gaming group; and continue our contest for 24/7 and Incan Gold. We have a discussion about whether or not free review copies sway the opinion of the reviewer, with input from Moritz, Greg Schloesser, Sam and myself. Mary reviews Crokinole and gives us the news, and we finish out the show with a preview and session report of the brand new Tide of Iron!

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In this episode, Mike talks about Struggle of Empires and finally accepts Moritz' challenge. Mary gives us the news and reviews Cartagena and Cartagena II. Moritz talks about hybrids, and I expand on it with my top ten list of hybrid games. Fubar gives a review of China; and Jeb, Eric, and Tom answer several questions about gaming. Don't forget to enter our latest contest!

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