The Dice Tower

In this episode, Sam and his wife continue their challenge with Dynasties by Jolly Roger Games, and Moritz talks about an enormous game collection. Mary gives the news and reviews Notre Dame. Tom muses about the differences between Eurogames and American games, and we answer a question about Shadows over Camelot. We also compare Settlers of Catan to Starfarers of Catan, and give the top ten list of Catan games. Also, we finish up our contest, and start a new contest for a custom dice tower from!

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In this show, we introduce the new AH game show, and continue our contest for the Hill Giant and Sir Hawthorne. Mary gives the news, Moritz talks about game collections, and Jason discusses playing wargames online. Sam reviews Carcassonne: the Castle, and Mark Jackson gives us the Top Ten Kids Games You've Probably Never Played. The audio quality in this one isn't very good - I've tried to clean it up as best I could, and my apologies for that.

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With the return of Moritz - giving a review of Magic Realm - we continue our contest for the Hill Giant and Sir Hawthorne. Mary gives us the news and reviews Apples to Apples, and Sam talks about Bonobo Beach. Tom gives his top ten games for young children, and we discuss once again if games age well, as well as answer other questions.

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In this episode, Sam continues his two-player marathon with Tony & Tino, while Tom rants against comments against Boardgamegeek. We start a new contest for the Battlelore Hill Giant and Sir Hawthorne (for Heroscape), and listen to the news from Mary - as well as a review of Yspahan. We talk about the top ten games we're looking forward to from 2007, and Jason mentions wargames he's looking forward to. A new member of our staff submits a review of Ticket to Ride, and we answer a question or two at the end.

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