The Dice Tower

In this episode, we give a session report about Mall of Horror, Faces, and Vegas Showdown, and listen to interviews by Mary Prasad. Mary also gives us the news, and Moritz talks about the legendary gamer H. G. Wells. Greg gives his top ten games for large groups of people, and Tom gives his top ten card games for large groups. Finally, we continue our contest for Treasure Fleet and discuss our Origins plans.

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A special small segment from the Dice Tower in which Mary does several short interviews of gaming notables. With input from Rick Thornquist, David Fair, and more!

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In this episode, we preview several new games, and Mary gives us the news about what's coming up in the next couple of months. Moritz talks about Mozart the gamer, and recounts his Wilderness War game with Jason White. Mike Hibbert reviews On the Underground, and we talk about if a person should ever deliberately lose a game. Finally, Greg, Mary, Sam, and I all talk about games that are "pleasant suprises" - games that were much better than we originally thought. And check out our new contest for Treasure Fleet!

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