The Dice Tower

In this episode, originally aired May 24, 2005, Tom Vasel and Joe Steadman talk about games they are playing, and review both Lineage II and Sergeants on the Eastern Front. Tom rants, Joe talks about the soldier of the week, and both come up with a variety of wacky Catan variants. They discuss Games Workshop's pricing, answer a lot of questions, and end the show with their top ten games - component quality.

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In this episode, Mary gives us the news, and Sam and Tom talk about other hot news items of the week. Geoff Englestein talks about Tech and games, and Mike Hibbert issues a challenge to Sam and Tom. Jeb starts his own podcast, Ted Cheatham reviews Duel in the Dark, and Tom and Sam talk about recently played games. We give our opinions on the Board Game Podcaster Awards, and talk about our top ten board game expansions.

This show was sponsored by Days of Wonder.

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In this short episode, Tom and Sam present the Board Game Podcaster Awards in the Small Publisher category. Listen to hear the nominated games and which one won!

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In this show, originally aired May 11, 2005, Tom and Joe answer quite a few listener questions, including different ways to play war games online. They also talk about their "Turkeys" and "Donkeys", and review World in War and Decision: Midway. Joe talks about the soldier of the week, and Tom rants about time. They also give their top ten card games. The episode comes with commentary by Tom.

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In this episode, Mary gives the news while Greg tells us his opinions of the Spiel des Jahres nominations. We review Wings of War, and Tom rants about tie breakers and tells why he loves games. Paul gives us the best wargames of 2006, while Moritz continues his top ten commandments for game designers. Sam gives his top ten games from 2006, and we end the show with an interview with Jason Matthews - codesigner of Twilight Struggle.

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In this episode, originally posted May 5, 2005, the Dice Tower begins. Tom Vasel and Joe Steadman give their backgrounds, talk about what they are doing in Korea, and mention the state of gaming in Korea. They both give their top ten favorite board games, and answer a lot of random board game questions. It all starts here!

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