The Dice Tower

In this episode, Tom and Sam talk about Pandemic, while Mary reviews Perry Rhodan and 10 Days in Asia. The guys discuss a lot of recent board game news, while Geoff issues a Cultipation challenge. Mark wants to add gambling to board gaming, Giles discusses atmosphere + gaming, and Moritz talks about an element of a boring game. Tom, Mark, and Paul discuss artists in games, and Tom gives the top ten beautiful boards, box covers, and card artwork in games.

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In this episode, they announce the winners for their Z-Man games contest, discussing contest results about the best games of 2005. They review Quebec 1759 and Go West!, talk about the IGA nominees, and give two new player categories. Their top ten list is about their top ten gaming experiences, and they have an audio report from WBC by Walt O'Hara.

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In this episode, Tom and Sam discuss Surf's Up, Dude, Tannhauser, Shogun, and other games played in the past weeks. Geoff talks about outguessing your opponent, while Giles discusses the use of music in board gaming. Mary reviews Hamburgum and Amyitus, and Mark talks about Haba games. Finally, we end the episode with our top ten 'next step' games.

This show was sponsored by Your Move Games.

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In this episode, originally posted August 24th, we review Breakout Normandy and Santiago, talk about our "Games of the Month", and discuss our top ten Games That Need to be Reprinted. How many have been reprinted since then?

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