The Dice Tower

In this episode, we discuss feedback for the show, and announce the winners for our Warriors of God contest! Giles talks about recent games played; Moritz discusses loud games, Snoop talks about thrift store adventures, and Paul talks about visiting real battlefields. We discuss Risk: Black Ops, and talk about our top ten games that take between thirty minutes and an hour.

The Dice Tower Episode 121
Top 10 games that take an hour or less question and comments to... join the guild at...

HOST: The celebrated masters of prestidigitation!!!
Tom Vasel
Samuel Healey

Funagain Games

Your Move Games

Moritz Eggert: Discussion on loud and silent gaming

Risk: Black Ops
No Thanks!

Stephen Glenn (Snoop): Thrift store adventures!!!

CONTEST: (Tom and Sam discuss the survey results)

Warriors of God by Multi-Man Publishing
BGG - Congratulations to...........

Giles Pritchard: The Shed
- Rio Grande Games
Hanging Gardens


Tom - Puerto Rico
Sam - Apples to Apples

Tom - Filthy Rich
Sam - Settlers of Catan

Paul Glenn : Visiting real battlefields

Top 10 Games that play in an hour or less (30 to 60 minutes)


- Designer Michael Schacht's Website:

- Ticket to Ride come to Xbox Live Arcade
(Tom's wrong X-box is much better than the Wii)

- Games for educators website:

- Times up! New editions

- Troll and Toad buys $150,000.00 in games

- Happy Birthday Warhammer!!!

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In this episode, Tom discusses running a tournament at school, and some of the recent games he's played. Also, he interviews the guys from Days of Wonder, talking about their games, their philosophies, and more!

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In this episode, Tom takes everyone through the planning and execution of running a large gaming children's event, as well as an interview with the head of the Mensa Game Awards.

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