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In this episode, originally posted October 5, 2008, we talk about the IGA award winners for 2005. We have two new player categories, two turkeys (Battleball and Haunting House), and two websites of the month. We review Heroscape and Ace of Aces, and discuss our top ten games of 2003.

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In this episode, we discuss Aquaretto and Times Up: Title Recall. Stephen talks about his latest finds at the thrift store, Moritz discusses Cloak and Dagger, Mark reviews Warriors of God, and Geoff talks about "group think". We review our top ten games from 2007, discuss some news items, and talk about the necessity of English versions of games.

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In this episode, Tom discusses some of his thoughts on Origins 2008, specifically many of the exhibitors in the Hall. An interview with Reiner Knizia is also included.

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In this episode, Tom and Sam discuss Oregon, Galaxy Trucker, Stone Age, and Amyitus; as well as discuss several news items. Giles talks about an Australian game expo, Paul discusses theoretical war games, and Mary gives a recap of Origins 2008. Tom gives his top ten games that take less than thirty minutes to play, and we discuss ways to keep game plays from going overly long. We also rant about the Origins awards (again!) and answer a few questions.

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In this episode, originally aired September 28, 2005, we review Shear Panic and Liberty. We also discuss some more "gamer types", talk about our "Kangaroos": Linq and Colossal Arean, and talk about our top ten board game mechanics.

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