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In this episode, Tom and Sam talk about their top ten favorite games. We discuss award voting with Geoff, and end our contest for Say Anything.

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In this episode, originally aired October 15, 2005, we review David and Goliath and Pizza Box Football, and discuss Puerto Rico, Hellas, Pacru, and Barbarossa. Our top ten list this time is our top ten least favorite games. Or in other words, the ten games we hate the most.

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In this episode, we announce the winners of the Dice Tower Gaming Awards 2008, awarding the best games from 2007. Sam and Tom also give first impressions of Agricola, and mention their top ten conflict systems.

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In this episode, I finish my review of Origins 2008. Rick Thornquist discusses some of his games there, and Mark Zielinski and myself talk about both our top ten experiences of the convention, and the top ten games we played there.

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In this show, we start a new contest for Say Anything! - trying to guess Sam's dream job. We also discuss several new games, including Galactic Emperor, Tribune, and Hanging Gardens, and Mike reviews Uptown. We discuss gaming news and answer several questions, and talk about out top ten board game mechanics.

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