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In this episode, Tom and Sam talk about a few games that they've played recently. This is part one of the big "end of the year" show, and we talk about our favorite Children's Game, strangest games, war games, innovative games, best expansions, worst games, biggest disappointments, best components, best party games, and biggest surprises. With guest contributors Moritz Eggert, Mark Haberman, Mark Zielinksi, Mary Prasad, Doug Cooley, Geoff Englestein and family, Rick Thornquist, Eric Summerer, and Eric Burgess.

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In this episode, we review several games: War for Edadh, Comuni, B-29, and the China map for Power Grid. We read off the best entries for our Lookout contest, and start a new contest! Tom and Sam give their top ten multiplayer games that work well with two players. Finally, Mortiz ends the show with an interview with Derk and Aldie - founders of

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This is the second episode in a series that Tom and Giles are doing on using board games in the classroom. This show won't be posted to the feed on a regular basis, this is merely here to give you a sample of the show. Email Tom or Giles for more information (

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In this show, we talk about games that allow 'trash talking'. Giles discusses different ways to do it, and we give our top ten games that encourage it. Geoff talks about card shuffling, and Mark reviews Band of heroes. We discuss recent plays of several games, continue our contest, and answer several questions.

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In this show, Tom and Sam talk about some recent game releases, including Chicago Express, Snow Tails, and Dominion. Moritz talks about Star Trek and gaming, Geoff goes over rock/paper/scissors, and Charlie cautions people to wait and see. We resolve one contest, and start another, and finish off the episode with our top ten auction games.

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In this show, we review Hero: Immortal King, talk about a ton of news items, and discuss recent games such as Fantasy Business and Infernal Contraption. Moritz talks about Star Wars, Stephen has a double find, and we answer a few questions. The top ten list this time is our top ten games that play best with five players.

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Shorter than normal, this epsiode contains two twin interviews, one by Mark Zielinski, the other by Mary Prasad.

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In this episode, Geoff discusses "solved" games, Charley talks about the top ten Fantasy Flight games that you need to buy NOW, and Mark discusses Warhammer 40K. Giles gets nostalgic, we start a new contest, and Sam reviews Fury of Dracula. We preview several games, and end the show with our top ten abstract strategy games.

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In this episode, we add a new contributor - Charley Eastman, who manages to play Shogun with a three year old. Geoff talks about triangular numbers, Mark compares Gencon to Origins, and Stephen finds a couple more good old games. Sam and Tom review Thebes, answer some questions, and discuss some recently played games. Finally, we end the show with our top ten ways to upgrade games.

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In this episode, Tom and Sam review 12 games, including Merlin's Company - an expansion to Shadows over Camelot. Moritz talks about popular culture and gaming, and Eric reviews Split! We discuss current news, and give a top ten list on "turkeys", games we like much less than when we first played them.

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In this episode, Mark discusses his experiences at Gen Con, and Tom talks about how exactly the Dice Tower podcast is put together. More random musings may be found throughout.

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In this episode, Tom and Sam talk about their top ten favorite games. We discuss award voting with Geoff, and end our contest for Say Anything.

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In this episode, originally aired October 15, 2005, we review David and Goliath and Pizza Box Football, and discuss Puerto Rico, Hellas, Pacru, and Barbarossa. Our top ten list this time is our top ten least favorite games. Or in other words, the ten games we hate the most.

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In this episode, we announce the winners of the Dice Tower Gaming Awards 2008, awarding the best games from 2007. Sam and Tom also give first impressions of Agricola, and mention their top ten conflict systems.

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In this episode, I finish my review of Origins 2008. Rick Thornquist discusses some of his games there, and Mark Zielinski and myself talk about both our top ten experiences of the convention, and the top ten games we played there.

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In this show, we start a new contest for Say Anything! - trying to guess Sam's dream job. We also discuss several new games, including Galactic Emperor, Tribune, and Hanging Gardens, and Mike reviews Uptown. We discuss gaming news and answer several questions, and talk about out top ten board game mechanics.

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In this episode, originally posted October 5, 2008, we talk about the IGA award winners for 2005. We have two new player categories, two turkeys (Battleball and Haunting House), and two websites of the month. We review Heroscape and Ace of Aces, and discuss our top ten games of 2003.

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In this episode, we discuss Aquaretto and Times Up: Title Recall. Stephen talks about his latest finds at the thrift store, Moritz discusses Cloak and Dagger, Mark reviews Warriors of God, and Geoff talks about "group think". We review our top ten games from 2007, discuss some news items, and talk about the necessity of English versions of games.

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In this episode, Tom discusses some of his thoughts on Origins 2008, specifically many of the exhibitors in the Hall. An interview with Reiner Knizia is also included.

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In this episode, Tom and Sam discuss Oregon, Galaxy Trucker, Stone Age, and Amyitus; as well as discuss several news items. Giles talks about an Australian game expo, Paul discusses theoretical war games, and Mary gives a recap of Origins 2008. Tom gives his top ten games that take less than thirty minutes to play, and we discuss ways to keep game plays from going overly long. We also rant about the Origins awards (again!) and answer a few questions.

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In this episode, originally aired September 28, 2005, we review Shear Panic and Liberty. We also discuss some more "gamer types", talk about our "Kangaroos": Linq and Colossal Arean, and talk about our top ten board game mechanics.

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In this episode, Tom and Sam talk about their top ten most boring games, and Moritz discusses the five nominees for the Spiel des Jahres 2008. Geoff talks about Armageddon Empires, and we mention a few news items. Finally, we finish with twenty-eight short reviews!

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This episode is a preview of Origins 2008 for board gamers. Tom talks about some of the best things from Origins 2007, what a new gamer should not miss, and tips for having a great Origins.

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In this episode, Geoff discusses the differences between the Deck of Dice and rolling actual dice, and Mary explains about several flicking games. Mike and Mark show up with reviews, and Tom and Sam discuss some Evergreen games - Carcassonne and Fire and Axe. We discuss current gaming news, talk about some exciting stuff from Origins, and end the show with our top ten games in which you can make a comeback!

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In this episode, we talk about our top ten board games for three players. We also discuss tow new player categories, our games of the month (Dungeon Twister and ASLO), and talk about the value of components to a board game. We review Warriors and Panzerzug, and answer a pile of questions from our listeners.

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In this episode, we discuss feedback for the show, and announce the winners for our Warriors of God contest! Giles talks about recent games played; Moritz discusses loud games, Snoop talks about thrift store adventures, and Paul talks about visiting real battlefields. We discuss Risk: Black Ops, and talk about our top ten games that take between thirty minutes and an hour.

The Dice Tower Episode 121
Top 10 games that take an hour or less question and comments to... join the guild at...

HOST: The celebrated masters of prestidigitation!!!
Tom Vasel
Samuel Healey

Funagain Games

Your Move Games

Moritz Eggert: Discussion on loud and silent gaming

Risk: Black Ops
No Thanks!

Stephen Glenn (Snoop): Thrift store adventures!!!

CONTEST: (Tom and Sam discuss the survey results)

Warriors of God by Multi-Man Publishing
BGG - Congratulations to...........

Giles Pritchard: The Shed
- Rio Grande Games
Hanging Gardens


Tom - Puerto Rico
Sam - Apples to Apples

Tom - Filthy Rich
Sam - Settlers of Catan

Paul Glenn : Visiting real battlefields

Top 10 Games that play in an hour or less (30 to 60 minutes)


- Designer Michael Schacht's Website:

- Ticket to Ride come to Xbox Live Arcade
(Tom's wrong X-box is much better than the Wii)

- Games for educators website:

- Times up! New editions

- Troll and Toad buys $150,000.00 in games

- Happy Birthday Warhammer!!!

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In this episode, Tom discusses running a tournament at school, and some of the recent games he's played. Also, he interviews the guys from Days of Wonder, talking about their games, their philosophies, and more!

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In this episode, Tom takes everyone through the planning and execution of running a large gaming children's event, as well as an interview with the head of the Mensa Game Awards.

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In this show, Tom and Sam talk about upcoming Days of Wonder expansions and discuss the Origins Award Nominees. Geoff talks about Prospect theory, Mark teaches his kids with games, and Mary gives us some quick thoughts on new games. We talk about Dust, and start a new contest for the game Warriors of God. Finally, we talk about our top three-player games.

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In this episode, originally aired September 16, 2005, we review Battlestations, Bitter Woods (4th edition), Frag, and the Settlers of Catan Card Game. We also discuss ways to introduce people to new games, introduce some new player categories, and answer more questions. Our top ten list this week is our top ten humorous board games - ones that have caused us the most laughter.

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In this episode, Moritz gives his annual news, and Giles hunts down Tom and Sam. We explain why we were away for so long, and discuss the future of the Dice Tower. We mention game news, while Mary discusses how to enhance games. We finish off our contest, review Descent: Road to Legend, and talk about our Top Ten Loud Games. Sam discusses backstabbing, and Geoff explains Cube Tower probabilities.

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The first in an audio blog detailing games in the life of Tom Vasel, Dice Tower Musings #1 talks about games in Maylasia, the importance of family vs. games, and the troubles in starting up a game group. I spend a lot of time talking about the new Descent expansion, and we also discuss Key Largo.

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In this show, Sam and Tom talk about quite a few upcoming games, including Yetisburg and the new Axis and Allies. They continue their contest for Pizza Box Baseball, Pizza Box Football, and Elfball; and Tom previews Pizza Box Baseball. Moritz talks about the one perfect game, and Giles muses about metagaming. Melody Vasel, David Healey, and Colin and Kileigh Zielinski talk about their favorite games. This one is for the kids!

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In this episode, originally posted September 7, 2005, we discuss the results of the "Top 10 Games of 2004" contest, and talk a little more about our Worthington game contest. We review Diplomacy and Tom Jolly's Camelot, and also talk for a bit about Liar's Dice and Gang of Four. We mention their "websites of the month", as well as two new gamer types. This week, we also list our top ten board game expansions.

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In this episode, Tom and Sam talk about Pandemic, while Mary reviews Perry Rhodan and 10 Days in Asia. The guys discuss a lot of recent board game news, while Geoff issues a Cultipation challenge. Mark wants to add gambling to board gaming, Giles discusses atmosphere + gaming, and Moritz talks about an element of a boring game. Tom, Mark, and Paul discuss artists in games, and Tom gives the top ten beautiful boards, box covers, and card artwork in games.

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In this episode, they announce the winners for their Z-Man games contest, discussing contest results about the best games of 2005. They review Quebec 1759 and Go West!, talk about the IGA nominees, and give two new player categories. Their top ten list is about their top ten gaming experiences, and they have an audio report from WBC by Walt O'Hara.

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In this episode, Tom and Sam discuss Surf's Up, Dude, Tannhauser, Shogun, and other games played in the past weeks. Geoff talks about outguessing your opponent, while Giles discusses the use of music in board gaming. Mary reviews Hamburgum and Amyitus, and Mark talks about Haba games. Finally, we end the episode with our top ten 'next step' games.

This show was sponsored by Your Move Games.

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In this episode, originally posted August 24th, we review Breakout Normandy and Santiago, talk about our "Games of the Month", and discuss our top ten Games That Need to be Reprinted. How many have been reprinted since then?

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In this episode, Paul talks about politics in war games, and Geoff talks about the Past, Present, and Future of luck. Tom reviews the kid's game Baren Stark, while Sam discusses Soccer Tactics World. We debate the merits of Quick Count Football, and talk about recent games played - Ra, Commands and Colors, Hyper Slide, and Power Grid. Finally, Giles, Mark, Tom and Sam all discuss the upcoming year, and what they think will be great expansions and games coming out.

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In this episode, originally posted August 17, 2005, Tom and Sam review games and discuss their "kangaroos" and "turkeys". They also give their top ten games from 2004.

This show was sponsored by Your Move Games.

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In this episode, the Dice Tower crew review the year 2007, talking about the biggest surprises, worst games, strangest games, biggest disappointments, most innovative games, best expansions, best party game, best gateway games, best kids games, and games with the best components. We discuss some of the biggest board game stories of the year - and end the show with our top ten games of 2007!

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In this show, Joe and Tom discuss several games and talk about what games would make a good meal - really! They list the top ten games of their wives, argue about Memoir '44, and review a couple of games.

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