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In this show we talk about the games we want to get for Christmas. We finish up our contest and review Knights of the Realm. Geoff talks about gaming tables, and Moritz reviews a wargame. Finally, we end the show with our top ten Fantasy Flight games.

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In this episode, we talk about the future of the Dice Tower, review El Grande, and compare Shadows over Camelot to Battlestar Galactica. We discuss games played over the Thanksgiving holidays, and give our list of games that should be reprinted.

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In this show, we talk about what games are good to bring a young gamer into heavier strategy games, and discuss recently played games. We start a new contest, discuss Metro, and discuss our top ten Wolfgang Kramer games.

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In this show, Tom answers some questions about the game fair in Essen, and talks about some of the new games he picked up there. Sturm and Geoff talk about game rules, and Moritz ambushes the listeners. Joe and Mark talk about their ASL conference, Sam reviews some new games, and we end the show talking about our top ten gimmicks in board games.

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In this episode, Geoff crunches some numbers, Eric and Tom talk about some recently played (or NOT played) games, and Giles goes head to head with Tom about Doom and Descent. We preview a couple of games, and take a look at an older game - Lost Cities. We discuss how much money the show makes us (hint - not much), and end the show with our top ten party games!

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In this episode, Sam Healey reviews Revolution; and Tom and Eric review Railways of the World and 2 De Mayos. We have a showdown between Acquire and Union Pacific, and discuss recently played games. We talk about deduction games, with input from several contributors - ending the show with our top ten deduction games.

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In this show, the Englesteins talk some more about their game design process, Moritz discusses solitaire gaming, and Giles and Mark show up with gaming goodness. We start a new question segment, talk about Arimaa, both the game and book, and discuss Attika. Brad concludes his interview, and we announce the top ten enemies of gaming!

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In this show, Tom and Eric discuss some recently played games, and Tom talks about Middle Earth Quest. Geoff gets random, Joe goes to war with his wife, Sam checks in from California, and Brad talks about WBC. Snow Tails and Formula D go in for a grudge match, and we dig into the vault - talking about Amun Re. We continue our contest for Gryphon games, and end the show with our top ten "Filler" games!

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In this episode, Eric Summerer joins us as the new co-host of the Dice Tower. Mary, Brad, and Mark talk about Origins 2009, and we start a great new contest from Gryphon Games. Geoff and his son start a series about a game they are getting published, and we talk about some exciting new game news. The podcast finishes with Eric and Tom talking about their top ten Parker Brother games.

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In this show, the Dice Tower gang, along with friends, announce the winner of the Dice Tower Gaming Awards, for the best games from 2008. We announce the most innovative game, best game from a new designer, best art/design in a game, best small publisher game, best family game, best reprint, best expansion, and Game of the Year!

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In this episode, Tom and Ben discuss several recently played games, including Funny Business, Triviathon, Cartagena 2, Dice Town, Twilight Struggle, Frontiers, and Bonobo Beach. We also talk about the best games and gaming experiences from Origins 2009.

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In this show, Ben Forgard joins Tom and they talk about some recent games, such as Timber Tom, Dominion, and Tales of Arabian Knights. Algo talks about Mechanicsburgo, Brad talks about Age of Steam, Steve talks about Monsters Ravage America, and Mark talks about playing games with children. We start a new contest, talk about gaming awards, and Geoff finishes up the show with his top ten train games.

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In this show, we say goodbye to Sam Healey, cohost of the show for 100 episodes! Geoff interviews a designer of the world's largest dice tower, Moritz sings a song, and Sam talks about his top ten games of all time.

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This is a special preview for Origins Game Fair 2009. Mark discusses taking your kids to Origins; Tom asks some questions about Puffing Billy, and Mary and Brad give some good tips for newcomers. Want to know what's going on, and what to see and do? Check out this episode!

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In this show, Giles raves about Red November, Moritz explains a game you've likely never heard of, and Mark talks about Warhammer Quest. Tom and Sam then spend the rest of the show talking about cooperative games - listing the major ones, and explaining why they are cooperative, and what makes them bad/good. We also answer a few questions near the end.

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In this episode, originally aired October 26, 2005, we ended one contest, and announce a new contest for Memoir '44 and all its expansions!. We review Beowulf and Formula De, and answer several user and random questions. Finally, we top the episode off with my top ten auction games, and Joe's top ten card driven war games.

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In this episode, Jim Reed talks about the usefulness of reviews, while Geoff talks about stats and train games. We review several games, including Galaxy's Edge, and talk about some game news - with Giles previewing Middle Earth Quest. Finally, we end the show talking about our top ten multiplayer conflict games.

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In this show, Tom and Sam give the results of their Cutthroat Caverns contest, and discuss using to make custom game parts. Geoff talks about Chess ranking, while Giles muses on how adventure works with board games. We discuss various board game awards, and give our top ten adventure games.

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In this episode, we continue our contest for Cutthroat Caverns and expansions, and talk about Sam leaving the show. We discuss some upcoming expansions, and Geoff tells us how winning makes us lose. Moritz says goodbye to Dave Arneson, Giles talks about Australian game expos, and Mark discusses war game expansions. We discuss Tom's top ten games from 1994 - and end the show with an interview with Kimberly Maita about board game cruises.

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In this episode, Geoff tells us how to manipulate negotiations in games, and Moritz gives some suprising game news. Tom and Sam talk about some game news, their current gaming trends, and ideas for drafting in games. Finally, we end the show with our top ten games from ten years ago - in 1999.

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In this show, Jim Reed interviews Curt from Smirk and Dagger Games, discussing Cutthroat Caverns and more. Tom and Sam talk about news and answer questions - how many games should a gamer buy in a year? Finally, we give our top ten games from five years ago - 2004, and discuss 2004's effect on gaming.

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In this episode, Moritz wonders why not everyone enjoys cooperative games, and Giles talks about changing the components of Hive. Tom and Sam discuss Le Havre and Catan Geographies: Germany, and go over some news. Geoff, Tom, and Sam then discuss "pushing your luck" and how it's used in games - including the top ten Push Your Luck games.

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A special announcement from The Dice Tower.

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In this show, Tom and Sam talk about the best trading games, and Geoff talks about the mechanics of trading. We start a new contest to win Age of Steam, talk about some upcoming games and news. Moritz reviews the "living card game" from Fantasy Flight, and Mark reviews Red November. Finally, we review nineteen games in nineteen minutes!

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In this episode, Tom and Sam review Battlestar Galactica, while Geoff goes over evolution-themed games. Giles talks about a game expo in Australia, and Tom and Sam mention several recently played games. Finally, we talk about the Spiel des Jahres, talking about the game that SHOULD have won, and finishing with our top ten Spiel des Jahres games.

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This is the last in a three-parter in which Tom interviews several publishers about what to expect from their companies in 2009. In this segment, Tom talks with Gamewright Games, Z-Man Games, Treefrog, Valley Games, and Jolly Roger Games.

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This is the second of a three-parter in which Tom interviews several publishers about what to expect from their companies in 2009. In this segment, Tom talks with Mayfair Games, Asmodee Editions, Days of Wonder, Slugfest, and Tablestar Games.

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This is the first of a three-parter in which Tom interviews several publishers about what to expect from their companies in 2009. In this segment, Tom talks with FRED distribution, Gorilla Games, Rio Grande Games, Northstar Games, and Your Move Games.

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In this classic episode, first posted in October 2005, review Walk the Dogs and Mag Blast, 2nd Edition. We answer a lot of questions, moan about a lack of good space games, and talk about games that we've played recently. Finally, we top the episode off with our top ten party games.

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In this episode, Tom and Sam talk about a their favorite gateway games, and have a look at 2008 as a whole. We talk about gaming events, while Eric reviews Monastary. We end the show with the top ten games of 2008. Thanks to guest contributors Moritz Eggert, Mark Haberman, Mark Zielinksi, Mary Prasad, Doug Cooley, Geoff Englestein and family, Rick Thornquist, Eric Summerer, and Eric Burgess.

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