The Dice Tower

In this show, we talk about several games - Campaign Manager 2008, Mad Zeppelin, Triplica, and Telestrations. We also talk about our top ten game experiences from our lifetimes.

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Starting with this episode, the Dice Tower moves to a weekly format! Tom and Eric talk about several new games - including Dominon: Alchemy, Hagoth: Builder of Ships, and Asteroyds. We talk about news, preview some expansions, and review Armorica.

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In this special Origins 2010 Episode, we check out the latest releases from Eagle, Queen, Jolly Roger, AEG and Z-Man, as well as some small-press surprises. Plus, Eric tries Descent for the first time, Mark gets stuck in a marathon kids game session, and we sit down with Rio Grande Games to talk about the future of Dominion and Race for the Galaxy.

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