The Dice Tower

In this episode, Tom and Eric answer a bunch of questions, Geoff and Father Geek educate us on board games, and we talk about our top ten card games of all time.

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In this episode, we visit a game store and give you an opinion, Tom reviews a pile of games, and we discuss how to deal with annoying gamers.

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In this show, we are joined by Mark Jackson, who takes us on a trip down memory lane as we go back 15 years ago to discuss the best games of 1996. We also answer a pile of questions from our listeners.

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In this episode, Steve Avery and Eric give us a run down of Conn Con. Eric concludes with a brief rundown of several mini game reviews, and we both talk about some recently played games. Tom muses on collectible card games, Geoff invents a new concept, and we discuss some new gaming news. Finally, we discuss our favorite real-time games.

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