The Dice Tower

In this show, Ryan muses about artists and games, and Tom groans about times he says "Oops".  We talk about recently played games, and interview Christof Tisch  about German culture and games.  Finally, we talk about our top ten games that are out of our personal comfort zones.  Oh, and listen to the very end, after the outro.

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In this episode, Geoff talks about Power Creep, while Moritz reviews Shadow Era.  We talk about some Turkeys and Kangaroos (games that have changed in our rankings) and player stereotypes.  We discuss Souvlaki wars, Coercio, Flash Duel, Kill Shot, On the Underground, and Canal Mania.  Finally, we end the show with a discussion on addictive games and how we broke (or didn't!) the addiction.

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In this episode, we are joined by Russ Wakelin from the D6 Generation podcast.  We answer a few questions, talk about the complexity of modern games, and then delve into our top ten fantasy games.

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In this episode, the Chief talks about some new Kickstarter projects, while Andrew Miller asks if playing World War 2 games is immoral.  Geoff and Greg pop in with segments, Steve reviews Sentinels of the Multiverse, and we talk about our favorite paper and pencil games.

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Episode 234 is uploaded for your listening pleasure!

In this show, we talk about some new games - with Steve and Richard
discussing King of Tokyo.  We finish off our large list of user
questions, and then go into our favorite dexterity games.  Plus, a

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In this episode, Moritz talks about the iPad, and Tom rants about know it alls. We talk about Star Trek Fleet Captains, Legend of Drizzt, and other new games. We end the show talking about our favorite games to play with a deck of cards.

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In this episode, we are joined by Rich Sommer from the AMC show Mad Men. He talks about his new board game TV gig, and helps us answer our many questions. We get a report from Essen, and close the show with our top ten historical games.

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In this episode, originally posted December 21, 2005, we take a break from our normal routine. Instead of our normal lineup, we simply discuss our top ten games from 2005. Rick Thornquist, Ted Cheatham, Gary Christiansen, Greg Schloesser, Walt O’Hara, and David Seddon are all contributors - telling us their top ten games from 2005 also.

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In this show, we hear information from all of our contributors from all over the world, including the return of Dexter! We take a look at several games, including an indepth review of Risk: Legacy. Eric recounts his experiences at Extra Life, and we conclude the show with our favorite gaming websites.

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In this episode, Tom and Eric are joined by Quinton and Paul from the Shut up & Sit Down video show. We answer quite a few questions, and then delve into our top ten horror themed games. Mwa ha ha ha!

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A special announcement from Stronghold Games.

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In this episode, we ask the question - what is the true gaming capitol of the world. We mention some recent games, including Discworld, and Geoff takes us on a Wild West showdown. Andrew wonders about detective games, and the Chief talks more about Kickstarter.

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This episode, originally posted November 2005, contains our hot game of the month - Deflexion (now Khet). We review Axis and Allies Pacific, and talk about our top ten "double date" games.

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In this episode, Moritz takes a vacation in Greece, and we talk about several new games, including Killer Bunnies and Hibernia. We answer a ton of listener questions, and conclude with our top ten collectible games.

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In this show, we talk about Belfort, King of Tokyo, Clippers, and Eaten by Zombies. Mark talks about taking kids to conventions, and Geoff discusses gamers helping real world problems. We go over news, and talk about themes that can make or break a game for us.

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Originally posted December 2005, this show features Joe and Tom talking about their top Pacific Theater games, and their top ten Surprise Attack Games.

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In this show, Tom and Eric answer a pile of user questions and talk about some recent games such as Space Maze and Back to the Future, the card game. Father Geek talks about memorization, Greg about the Great Escape, and we all give our top ten games from Rob Daviau and Craig Van Ness.

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In this show, originally posted November 2005, Joe and Tom review Hive and Apples to Apples, as well as look at the best games from 2001.

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In this show, we talk about games that have had a profound influence on us, while Geoff takes a look at chaos theory. We talk about some recently played games, including Werewolf, Martian Dice, Tic Tac Boom, and Node; and review the Kobold Guide to Board Game Design. Andrew Miller questions why we game, and we take a look at some of the latest board game news.

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In this episode we take a look at Elder Signs, Coyote, Castle Dash, and Adventurers: Pyramid of Horus. We learn some more about geek skills, game conventions, and answers to questions. Finally, we end the show with our top ten games for six players.

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In this episode, Tom interviews Wizkids, the Chief talks about Kickstarter, and Ryan hates on El Grande. Tom gives a full review of Star Trek: Fleet Captains, he and Eric talk about recently played games, and we talk about what age children should be at conventions.

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In this episode, we visit yet another gaming store and answer a ton of user questions. We go over several new games, including Rune Age, and end the show with our favorite (and worst!) Martin Wallace games.

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In this episode, Chief continues looking at how to start up a game group, and Jim looks at Core Worlds. Moritz talks about games with Paranoia, and Geoff talks about the importance of choice. Greg discusses the IGA awards, Tom and Eric take a look at several new board games, and we all wish for expansions.

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In this episode, we take a look at GenCon, the largest gaming convention in America, for 2011. Tom mentions 30 games that listeners should check out, Geoff and Ryan weigh in, and Eric talks about his top ten experiences of the convention.

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In this episode, Tom and Eric are joined by a plethora of others to announce the Dice Tower Awards, talking about the best games of 2010.

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In this episode, we answer a pile of questions from listeners, and talk about our ideas for the perfect game room.

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In this episode, we continue our current contest, Geoff takes a look at polyhedral dice, and Moritz gets LOUD about games! We discuss 17 new games in 20 minutes, or so. We also talk about our games we are interested at seeing at GenCon, and talk about the perfect location for a game store.

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In this episode, we answer a ton of user questions, continue our contest, and learn about silent games from Moritz. We end the episode with our top ten games from Asmodee Editions.

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In this episode, Geoff talks about fuzzy logic, and Eric talks once more about dice. We spend time going over Origins, talking about the events and the future of the convention. Finally, we discuss the question - should you force your kids to game?

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In this show, we answer a pile of questions and talk about our top ten Bruno Faidutti Games.

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In this episode, we talk about Origins 2011, and tell you things to look forward to! We talk about folks going for the first time - things to see, things to avoid, and tips everyone should take note of.

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In this episode, Moritz enters the Mansions from Madness, and Ryan finds another game show he hates. We answer a pile of questions, and give our top ten story-telling games - whatever that means.

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In this episode, Steve makes himself a target, the Chief talks about starting a game group, and Geoff and Ryan interview the designer of Code 777 and Confusion. We react to the German game of the year nominations, we pit a pair of cooperative games against each other, and we talk about our ideal qualities in a gaming opponent.

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In this episode, we have Ryan Sturm and Geoff Englestein from the Ludology podcast and answer several questions. Tom talks about his local game store, and we give our top ten list of things necessary for a friendly local gaming store.

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In this episode, we discuss new games: Magestorm, Barons, Dominion: Cornucopia, and Confusion. Ryan discuss decisions, Moritz talks about speed in games, and we go on the road with Greg once again. Geoff and Mark make appearances, Tom talks about "the collapse of the game industry", and we all discuss games that are terribly misthemed.

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In this show, we have Mike from the Little Metal Dog Podcast on our show. We talk about his show, answer a pile of questions, and finish up with our top ten reprints of all time.

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In this episode, Ryan, Tom, and Eric agree on something; and Geoff talks about choices. We all discuss how to get a game played no one else in your group seems to like, and introduce the Dice Tower Gaming Awards Hall of Fame, as well as our nominations for best games for 2010.

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In this episode, Tom and Eric answer a bunch of questions, Geoff and Father Geek educate us on board games, and we talk about our top ten card games of all time.

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In this episode, we visit a game store and give you an opinion, Tom reviews a pile of games, and we discuss how to deal with annoying gamers.

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In this show, we are joined by Mark Jackson, who takes us on a trip down memory lane as we go back 15 years ago to discuss the best games of 1996. We also answer a pile of questions from our listeners.

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In this episode, Steve Avery and Eric give us a run down of Conn Con. Eric concludes with a brief rundown of several mini game reviews, and we both talk about some recently played games. Tom muses on collectible card games, Geoff invents a new concept, and we discuss some new gaming news. Finally, we discuss our favorite real-time games.

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In this episode, Dexter and the Chief give a review, and once again we tear through a pile of questions. The big part of the episode, we spend looking at our top ten games from 2001 - ten years ago. We are joined by Stephen and Dave from the Spiel podcast!

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In this show, former co-hosts Joe Steadman and Sam Healey join us for a short update on what they are doing. Brad and Eric do a review of Rolling Freight, and Ryan trashes Power Grid. We talk about some recent headlines, and all come clean about rules that we've gotten wrong.

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In this episode - we talk about TotalCon, a board game convention in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Tom and Eric play some of each other's favorite games, and try out several new games - as well as play in and run tournaments. Come listen to our experiences!

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In this episode we answer a pile of questions, and Ryan talks about his feelings for Pillars of the Earth. The main part of our show is our top ten games from five years ago - 2006. For this episode, we are joined by special guests Cody Jones and John Richard from the podcast Game On with Cody and John! Chaos ensues.

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In this episode, GameTek talks about Shogi, Dexter and the Chief take a look at Yomi, and we introduce the Voice of Ameritrash 2.0! Mary helps us with the news, Moritz discusses Grey Giant Games, and Fathergeek wonders if you should let you child win games. We take a look at some new games, including Thunderstone: Dragonspire and Cargo Noir, and talk about our most looked forward to game of 2011.

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Welcome to the Geoff Englestein version of the Dice Tower! We have Gametech, we have a top ten from Geoff, and we have a blurb from Ryan and Geoff on game evolution. We answer user questions, talk about some recent games, and talk about our top ten LONG games.

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In this episode, we talk about the upcoming year 2011, start a new contest for Yomi and Puzzle Strike, and discuss several new games. Dexter and the Chief talk about SWAT, Eric Herman goes over some iPod Games, Eric reviews Pirate Fluxx, and Tom reviews Merchants and Marauders. Also included in the episode: Character types, gaming news, a discussion about local game stores, Summary Judgement, and Fathergeek. Check out this action packed episode!!

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In this show, the second half of our look back at 2010, we talk about games that may have been missed by other players. We also talk about the worst game of the year, and then give our list of the top ten games published in 2010!

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In this episode, part 1 of our review of 2010, all of us weigh in with our thoughts on the year 2010 and the gaming scene. We also talk about our biggest surprise of the year and our biggest disappointment. We announce the games with best components and best artwork, as well as the strangest and most innovative game. We also mention our best family, children's, party, and war game of 2010.

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