The Dice Tower

It's our big 250th episode!  We are joined by dozens of people, friends from past and present, to talk about the history of the show and just celebrate.  We also take a look at our top ten Dice Tower Episodes of all time.

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In this episode, Tom and Eric answer quite a few of your questions, including faults in games they love. We also review a whole pile of games, including Wiz War, Rex, Pirates of Nassau, Rocket Jockey, King of Tokyo, and more!

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In this show, we continue our "live" show from TotalCon.  With us this time is special guest, Lorien Green - producer of Gone Cardboard, a documentary about board games.  She and we answer questions from the audience, and we talk about our top ten underrated games.

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In this episode, we take the show on the road!  From TotalCon 26, we are joined by the hosts of Not Just Another Gaming Podcast to talk about a pile of games that we played.  We also talk about what makes a convention great, and Eric interviews several people, including Larry Whalen.

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