The Dice Tower

In this show, Brian takes a look back at Dice Tower Convention, we answer a few listener questions, and Eric learns some pronunciation.  We review a pile of game, including Sheepland, Sunrise City, Mageknight, and Seven Wonders: Cities, and end the show talking about our top ten games for seven players.

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In this show, Ryan talks about a new project he's beginning, Brian examines Shadow Hunters, and Geoff talks about hindsight in games.  We take a look at Puzzle Strike, City of Horror, Banditos, Pirates of the Spanish Main Card Game, Lords of Waterdeep, Wilderness, and more!  Tom rants about game manufacturing, and we finish up the show with themes that turn us off from a game, despite how good the game plays.

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In this episode, we answer several listener questions, and talk about some recently played games, such as Synch Up, Thunderstone Advance: Caverns of Bane, and High Noon Saloon.  We also talk about our top ten funny games!

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In this episode we talk about Let's Take a Hike and Dominion: Dark Ages, as well as give a preview of the upcoming Shadows over Camelot: the Card Game.  Mary talks about Gen Con, we have a truly terrible tale of horror, news, and even some listener questions!  We end the show with tips on how to store games.

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