The Dice Tower

In this show, Geoff talks about game security, and we hear why party games matter.  Mark explains that less is more, Matt talks about solo gaming, and Brian examines atypical randomization.  We give the latest news, listen to a truly horrible tale, and talk about Swordfish, Suburbia, Legendary, and Mutant Meeples.  We muse on the future of 2013 and gaming, and then talk about games that we are experts in.  Maybe.

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Well, it's 2013, so as usual, we take a look back five years ago and talk about the best games - now that we have half a decade to muse on the subject.  We also talk about Lancaster, Man Bites Dog, and Power Grid: the First Sparks as well as other games.  Finally, we answer a plethora of questions, including Tom's thoughts on Duel of Ages 2, Space Alert, and more!

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Hooray, another episode!  In this show, we talk about the Dice Tower Kickstarter - and also get into our favorite topic - great games!  We review City of Remnants, Mice and Mystics, German Railways, and Fluxx.  Brian takes us back to Hey, That's My Fish!, while James talks about being the villain.  The Pirates come on and spread some sort of nonsense, while Geoff talks about cheating some more.  We do a three-way smackdown between Marvel Legendary, DC Deckbuilder, and Sentinels of the Multiverse - and end the show talking about what to do when there is a heated rules dispute.

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And part two of our best and worst of 2012 show!  In this episode, we talk about the best cooperative games, most innovative games, strangest games, best expansions, best reprints, biggest brain burners, favorite gaming events, and a host of other categories.  We end the show with our top ten games of 2012 - and what we are looking forward to in 2013.

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Tom, Eric, and host of others all join forces (like Voltron!) to give you the best of 2012.  In this first half of the show, we give our thoughts on the 2012 as a whole, as well as the biggest news stories of the year.  We talk about our biggest surprise, and our biggest disappointment.  Everyone picks the game with the best components, the game with the best artwork, the worst game, the best card game, best party game, best kids game, and best family game.  Lots of fun, and a Happy New Years to everyone!

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