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In this show, Eric and Tom take a look back at the GenCon 2014 fair held in Indianapolis.  But we also spend a lot of time talking about games - including Black Fleet, Camel Up, Diamonds, Quilt Show, Castls of the Mad King Ludwig, King of New York, Kingsport: Festival, and Tragedy Looper.  We end the show taking a pile of listener questions and giving hopefully decent answers to them!

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In this show, we are joined by guest host Zee Garcia in our live show at GenCon!  An array of Dice Tower contributors join us, as well as folks from the Dice Tower network.  We talk about great games we saw at GenCon, our thoughts on the fair itself, and even a song or two!   

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This is part two of a two part preview of Gen Con 2014!  Jamie, Chris, and Tony join us from the Secret Cabal Podcast, where you can find part 1!

In this episode, we answer some questions about the covention, give some tips regarding Gen Con, and then each of us gives our top ten games we are looking forward to seeing at the convention!

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In this show, we talk about  Pagoda, Justice League Strategy Game, Destination Neptune, Bruges, New Haven, and Dino Dice.  A tale of horror is caused by us, and we give our top ten game from Eagle/Gryphon Games.

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