The Dice Tower

In this show, Tom and Eric take a look at Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Doodle City, Kanban, Essen, Pandemic the Cure, and the upcomin Magic: the Gathering Board Game.   We also discuss the Essen Spiel 2014 in depth, and then end the show with our favorite traits in a gaming opponent.

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In this show, we take a look at Uncanny X-men: Dicemasters!, Rococo, Medina, Subdivision, and Snapgammon.  Geoff and Brian take a look at older games, we get some more legal advice, and answer a few questions.  We finish up the show with a list of things we are looking for in a Kickstarter campaign/game.

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In this episode, Eric is on vacation, so Tom is joined by Zee Garcia.  We spend the show joined by contributors, talking about some of the games coming out at Essen Spiel, and the different games and expansions that we are most interested in.  

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In this show, we talk about King’s Forge, Villainy, Johari, Cartoon Network Fluxx, and Dungeon Roll.  Someone compares Munchkin to Cosmic Encounter, we discuss how to deal with controversial themes, and table etiquette.  Finally, we almost fall asleep at the end talking about our top ten most boring games!

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