The Dice Tower

Joined by special co-hosts Rich Sommer and Erik Herman, we interview a host of guests, including Dan King, Colby Dauch, Todd Rowland, Geoff Englestien, and more!  There's also some songs!  (Kind of).

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In this show, we review Colt Express, Kings of Israel, The Golden Ages, Nations the Dice Game, Yunnan, and Geister Ei. We also answer another pile of questions, and then talk about our favorite "engine building" games.

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In this episode, we take a look at Dreaming Spires, Robin, The Endless River, Xia, Alchemists, and Argent.  We are joined by Brian on No Thanks, The Angry Gamer on non-responsiveness, Geoff, and Bill, and answer a pile of questions.  Finally, we talk about games that we can't get anyone to play with us!

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In this show, we review Progress, Medieval Academy, Deus, Omega Centauri, Planes,  and Livestock Uprising.   We also answer a pile of questions, and end the show with our top ten "one hit wonders."

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