The Dice Tower

In this show, we record live from the Portal store in Manchester, Connecticut.  We talk about A Feast for Odin, Stealing Mona Lisa, Arcane Academy, Automania, Mechs vs. Minions, and Take the A Train.  We also answer some live questions, and finish up letting you listen to part of a live Wits and Wagers game!


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In this show, we talk about City of Spies, Bluffalo, Rock Paper Poker, Agricola Family, AssassinCon, and Mythe.  We answer several questions - as well as ask the audience a question, and hear a sad tale of shame.  Geoff and the Sweet Spot show up, and we end the show talking about the person most responsible for getting us into board gaming.

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In this episode, we talk about Masmorra, New Bedford, Let them Eat Cake, Flag Dash, Dungeon Busters, and Backyard Builders Treehouse.  We hear from Board Game Gumbo and Mark Zielinski, and answer more from our pile of questions.  Finally, we end the show with our top ten Push-Your-Luck Games!

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In this show, we talk about Agamemnon, Junk Art, Back to the Future, Terraforming Mars, Codex, and Great Dinosaur Rush.  We answer questions about teaching kids to lie and more, hear a tale of betrayal, test out a new segment Biopsy of a Game, and hear about Geoff's Ghostbuster adventures.  Finally, we end the show talking about games that would make a great game show!

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