The Dice Tower

In this show, we talk about Great Western Trail, Deep Sea Adventure, No Siesta, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past, Gooseberry, and the  Pokemon trading card game.  We also here a tale of Horror, a tale of Sadness, and a tale of Amazement!  Finally, we completely clear out our question queue!

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Tom, Eric, and a host of contributors take a look at 2016 and talk about the best and worst games of the year!


Show Notes:

1:14 - Intro

4:43 - Year as a whole

15:55 - Biggest Surprises

22:56 - Biggest Disappointments

28:25 - Best Components

32:40 - Best Art

38:05 - Worst Games

41:42 - Best Card Games

47:57 - Best Family Games

53:11 - Best Party Games

56:26 - Best Cooperative Games

1:03:07 - Best Children's Games

1:07:54 - Most Innovative Games

1:13:56 - Strangest Games

1:16:56 - Best Expansions

1:20:58 - Best Reprints

1:24:01 - Biggest Brainburners

1:27:10 - Favorite Game Events

1:33:47 - Top 10

2:02:26 - Other Categories

2:07:00 - Looking at 2017

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It's our live show from the Dice Tower Cruise 2016!  Sam, Jason, and Zee join us as we talk about some of the games we played and enjoyed, the cruise itself, a Tale of Treachery, and questions from the audience!

You can see the video version here:

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In this show, we take a look at Saloon Tycoon, Habitats, Morpheus,  and Dale of Merchants 2.  We hear a different type of Tale of Awkwardness, here from Board Game Gumbo, Bonus Action, GameTek, Cult of the Old, Board Game Biopsy, and Sweet Spot.  We answer a pile of questions including breaking into a new game group, and end the show discussing how we can get others to play the games we want.

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