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In this show, we talk about our numbers 11-20 of 2017!  What games were amazing, but just missed out on the top ten!  Our last show from 2017, see you next year!

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Joined by Suzanne, we delve into the year 2017!   First we spend some time talking about the different trends of the year, then we jump into our biggest surprise and disappointment, favorite art and components, most innovative game, strangest game, biggest brainburner, best family and party game, and more!  Finally, we end the show talking about the top ten games of 2017.

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In this show, we are joined by Mandi, Suz, Sam, Zee, and Jason for our second annual Dice Tower Cruise Live Show! (and we got the sound quality right!)

We spend time talking about recently played games that we each have enjoyed, and answer some really great questions from the crowd.

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