The Dice Tower

Suzanne and Mandi discuss some solo play games including a new app and chat about what makes a good lunch time game and what some of their favorites are to play.

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(Note:  Due to international internet randomness, the show is going up late.  Our apologies!)

In this show, Geoff shows up and we answer a pile of questions, including if we've ever cheated!  We review Cupcake Empire, Century 3, Tour Operator, Honga, Concordia Venus, and the Bravest Warriors Co-Operative Dice Game.  Finally, we talk about our favorite games that start with the letter "E".

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In today's show, Mandi and Suz discuss The Gallerist, Ticket to Ride New York, Futuropia, L.A.M.A., Clank In Space, and Pandemic Rapid Response. They also run through their Origins Game Fair Anticipation list.

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Tom is in the UK, so Mandi and Suzanne come on board to talk about our top 10 Roll and Write games!  We also review Wendake, Tiny, Hadara, and Eye my favorite things.  Questions get answered, Geoff goes blue, and more!

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