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In today's show we talk about Traintopia, Space Explorers, Rival Networks, and Minecraft Card Game. One and Done AND a new app make an appearance. And we end on a brand new segment: Game Pie.

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In this show, Tom and Eric talk about  Rush MD, Clip Cut Parks, Forgotten Waters, Unlock: Timeless Adventures, King of Tokyo Dark Edition, The Curious Elevator of Mr. Hincks, and Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart.  Geoff gives a tribute, we answer a pile of questions, and then we end the episode going back twenty years to see the best games of 2000!

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In this brief episode, we talk about BLOCK.BLOCK, Tranquility, and Gloomy Graves. We review the new Sagrada app. And we wrap with some Q&A.

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In this episode, Tom takes a look at games Eric has already played, and Eric delves a bit more into Escape Room games.  Geoff talks about exponents, and we end the show talking about our favorite games that start with the letter "N".  Finally, we have a very special interview with Jen, who talks about grief, Kickstarter shipments, and more!

Find more about Jen at

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