The Dice Tower

In this episode Suzanne and Mandi review Forest Guardians, Formosa Tea, AuZtralia, OK Play, and Clinic. They also take a look at the upcoming Viticulture app. And they discuss SPACE GAMES in the Game Pie segment.

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In this episode, we talk about Toy Story: Obstacles & Adventures, The Alpha, Echidna Shuffle, Coffee Roaster, Tasty Humans, and Adrenaline with Team Play.  Geoff returns to Magic Circles, and we answer questions about Tabletop day, finding a good kickstarter, and Pokemon.  Finally, we end the show talking about our top ten racing games.

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In this episode Mandi and Suzanne review Paladins of the West Kingdom, Four Senses, On The Underground, Piece of Pie, Vindication, and Qwixx The Card Game. We also review the Yellow and Yangtze app and serve up a Game Pie segment all about board games we prefer in digital form.

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In this episode, we review Marvel Infinity Gauntlet, Rise of Queensdale, Monumental, Legend of Zelda: Clockwork Realm, Pathfinder card game, and Traintopia.  Geoff looks at the science behind solving jigsaw puzzles, and Tom reviews 25 games as fast as he can.  We answer a few questions, and then we take a look at our ten favorite games that start with the letter "O".

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