The Dice Tower

In this episode, Geoff talks about giant numbers, and Greg descends into Madness.  Mary talks about house rules, and Tom reviews Descent 2.0.  We stereotype gamers yet again, and then talk about how many moves ahead in a game we plan for.

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There seems to be some sort of invasion on this show, coming from Origins.  But once we ignore all that, you'll see that we answer quite a few questions, and then Tom and Eric take a look at the Top Ten "Trading in the Mediterranean" Games.  Or something.
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In this show, Brian Englestein starts a new segment, Geoff continues to tell us how to win at games, and Ryan talks about Urban Sprawl.  We have a fake top ten list, go over recent games - such as 1989 and Undermining - and talk about mechanisms from games that we wish we could port to real life.

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Once again, we answer a pile of questions, as wel as review Divinaire and discuss the nominees for Spiel des Jahres.  We finish up the show with our top ten "Gateway" games - games used to introduce people to the gaming hobby.

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Tom and Eric talk about several new games, including Empires of the Void and Hawaii.  We also talk about Nothing Personal and other board game news, and listen to Geoff talk about how our will breaks down.  We visit another gaming store, and end the episode with our favorite types of money in games.

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In this show, Tom talks about pretty much everything involving gaming that enters his scatterbrained mind.  This includes some pretty big announcements, game news, and more.  We answer several game questions, announce a game show, and talk about our top ten board game expansions.

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In this show, we review several games, including Shootout, Nefarious, and Catan Junior.  We take a look a the latest gaming news, travel the country looking for game stores, and announce a new, upcoming podcast.  Finally, we talk about our favorite gaming partners - who do we want to game against?

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We once again jump into our mailbag and answer all sorts of questions, while Ryan talks about Caylus again.  Again.  Then we jump into the meat of our program, where we talk about our top ten economic games.  Go money, go!

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In this show, we find out what's happening with Dexter, Mark makes a huge mistake, and Geoff talks about game criticism.  We also talk about how much we play games - and is it enough?

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In this episode, Eric talks about Outpost, and then he and Tom answer questions for quite a bit of the show!  We then go over our top ten dice games. 

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