The Dice Tower

In this episode, we introduce Paul Glenn, our new wargame correspondent, and include the news from Mary and more gaming commandments from Moritz. We start a new contest for Box of Golf, and talk once more about a few things from Origins. Sam and I give our top ten new games we played at Origins, and Tom rants about the Origins awards.

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A special episode of the Dice Tower, in which Tom interviews Corey Konieczka from Fantasy Flight Games. Corey talks about working at Fantasy Flight and some of his designs, but we spend most of our time talking about the upcoming Starcraft Board Game. Enjoy!

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A lot of audio from the Origins game convention, featuring Sam, Tom, Joe Steadman, Rick Thornquist, Alan Moon, Andrew Parks, Erik Smith, and many more! Our impressions of the convention halfway through. Sam and I also give our top ten things that we enjoyed about Origins '07, and also review Powerstorm.

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