The Dice Tower

In this episode Suzanne and Mandi discuss Cooper Island, TIME Stories Hadal Project, Orchard Ocean, One Hundred Torii, the Charterstone app, and discuss gaming while socially distancing in Victory Points.

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In this episode, Tom and Eric take a look at games from 15 years ago - 2005!  We also answer a pile of questions about our gaming kryptonite, double wave shipping, and more!  Finally, we take a look at Offshore, Bumuntu, The Crew, The Isle of Cats, DomiNations, and a new way to play Magic the Gathering.

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In this episode Suzanne and Mandi talk about Stellar, Ripple Rush, Bosk, Cubitos, Dice Hospital, and Imhotep The Duel. They chat about Epic The Card game in digital form, and answer some questions from the mail box including one about forfeiting games.

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In this show, we review Remember our Trip, Adventure Games: the Dungeon, Funkoverse, Toy Story, Ratville, and Wonder Woman.  We also look back at Dice Tower West, answer questions about board game themes and card shuffling, and Geoff comes to visit!  Finally, we talk about favorite games that start with the letter "M".

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In this show, Tom & Eric are joined by Crystal, Suzanne, and Zee live at Dice Tower West 2020 for our top ten small joys and annoyances in games!  Eric also does an interview and more!

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