The Dice Tower

In this show, we give a couple of character stereotypes, talk about the future of game publishing, and the horror of moving games. The Dice Tower gang give info and tips for Origins 2010, and Geoff eulogizes Marvin Gardner. Erik talks about D6 shooters, Giles about Traders of Carthage, and we finish up the show with our top ten games that give 'bang for the buck'.

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In this show, we talk about why Eric logs his game plays, why Scrabble is annoying, and why old games can be great. Dexter and the Chief talk about Cartagena, Eric talks about Entdecker, and Tom talks abou You're Bluffing! Moritz talks about the history of Avalon Hill, and we end the show with our top ten Word games. We have a new contest - to enter, fill out the survey at

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In this episode, Tom and Eric talk about Vasco da Gama and the "Cult of the New". Tom reveals where he is relocating, we start a new contest for an interesting new game, and we talk about some of the latest gaming news. Brad talks about Winsome reprints, Mortiz talks about 3M, and Mark talks about gaming magazines. Finally, we end the show talking about what we like about game companies, and what are our top ten board game companies?

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