The Dice Tower

In this episode, we add a new contributor - Charley Eastman, who manages to play Shogun with a three year old. Geoff talks about triangular numbers, Mark compares Gencon to Origins, and Stephen finds a couple more good old games. Sam and Tom review Thebes, answer some questions, and discuss some recently played games. Finally, we end the show with our top ten ways to upgrade games.

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In this episode, Tom and Sam review 12 games, including Merlin's Company - an expansion to Shadows over Camelot. Moritz talks about popular culture and gaming, and Eric reviews Split! We discuss current news, and give a top ten list on "turkeys", games we like much less than when we first played them.

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In this episode, Mark discusses his experiences at Gen Con, and Tom talks about how exactly the Dice Tower podcast is put together. More random musings may be found throughout.

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