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The Dice Tower is an Internet podcast about tabletop games. Your hosts for the show are Tom Vasel, noted game reviewer, industry veteran Julie Ahern, and voice actor and reviewer Eric Summerer. 

In the show, Tom, Julie, and Eric talk about boardgames, card games, wargames, miniatures, and the people who play them.

New to the Dice Tower? Then listen to: Episode 0: Introduction & Top 15 Games a New Gamer Should Buy

Oct 31, 2023

In this episode, Tom, Julie, and Eric discuss the finer points of the suggested ages you see on game boxes, and when it matters to pay attention. Also, how a board game can make you scared, a new Tale of Boardgaming Horror, and some Roses, Thorns, and Hula Hoops.

07:33 - Suggested Ages

20:05 - Games That Scare You


Oct 17, 2023

Tom and Julie have been traveling, and we want to hear about where they've been. We have recaps of the World Series of Boardgaming in Las Vegas and Spiel in Essen, before sharing some Roses, Thorns, and Hula Hoops.

01:32 - World Series of Boardgaming

20:35 - Spiel

48:20 - Nekojima

50:37 - Path of Civilization

53:24 -...

Oct 3, 2023

Tom, Julie, and Eric discuss Essen Spiel 2023, including some general information on the layout, food, and happenings at the fair, as well as some of their most anticipated games. Then they close the show with reviews of Ticket To Ride Legacy, Fit to Print, and Deckscape: Tokyo Blackout.

01:27 - Food

04:26 - Layout...