The Dice Tower

In this episode we review Video Vortex, Robin of Locksley, Oceans, Space Battle Lunchtime, Praise, Cactus, and Caylus 1303. We chat about a couple of sentimental staples, and discuss collection management in Victory Points.

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In this episode, we take a look at Sabotage, Munchkin Ducktales, Fast Sloths, ArtSee, Euphoria, and Dominations.  Geoff talks about communication limits, we answer questions about culling games, excitement about expansions, and RPGGeek.  Finally, we end the show taking a look at our favorite games from a decade ago, in 2010!

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In this episode we review Railways of Nippon, Noch Mal So Gut, Rival Restaurants, and 1911 Amundsen vs Scott. Mandi talks about digital Carcassonne while Suzanne discusses the On Tour app. And we wrap with a Victory Points segment about designer/illustrator Dream Team.

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In this show, recorded live on the Independence of the Sea, Tom and Eric are joined by Crystal Pisano, Zee Garcia, Paula Deming, and Joe Steadman to record a live show.  And then, the brothers Murph show up and take over the whole thing.  Questions, a game show, and more hijinks ensue!

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