The Dice Tower

In this show, Tom is joined by Jeremy Howard as Eric is away. We talk about Paris, Almanac, and Whistle Mountain. Geoff brings some insight that's for the birds and we dive into a slew of questions. Do we get Kickstarter regret? Are there any one-vs-many games that play well with two players? How do we deal with someone who is attached to their phone during a game day? And more! Finally, we end the show talking about our favorite hybrid games - games that combine two or more mechanics.

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In this episode we briefly chat about our My City experience, discuss Fairy Trails, Aqualin, Warp's Edge, Glasgow, and Too Many Bones plus a quick 3-game family game blitz. And we cap the episode off with a Reiner Knizia Game Pie!

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Mandi joins us as we review Unmatched Cobble and Fog, In a Flash Firefighters, Coatl, Strike, Cubitos, and Dune: Imperium.  We then answer a few questions, and finally end with our top ten games that start with the letter "U".

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Suzanne and Mandi discuss Undo: Forbidden Knowledge, Der Clou, Castles of Tuscany, Fish Farewell Forever, and Noir Deductive Mystery Game, and Red Cathedral.

They talk about the Europe map of Ticket To Ride the App and Krumit's Tale. And then wrap  with a Victory Points discussion recapping what folks' experiences were with virtual conventions.

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