The Dice Tower

In this show, we find out what's happening with Dexter, Mark makes a huge mistake, and Geoff talks about game criticism.  We also talk about how much we play games - and is it enough?

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In this episode, Eric talks about Outpost, and then he and Tom answer questions for quite a bit of the show!  We then go over our top ten dice games. 

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In this episode, Tom muses about different types of games, and Chief comes to the grand finale of his gaming group. Geoff talks about crowdsourcing, Eric goes over a ton of new games he played at Conn Con, and we review several games, including Abaddon and Lords of Waterdeep.  We finish up the show talking about our favorite types of interaction.

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What?  No, we're not confused.  This is a classic episode of the Dice Tower in which we go back to the end of 2005 in which Tom and Joe review quite a few games, including World of Warcraft the Board Game and Havoc: the Hundred Years' War.  We also talk about our top ten upcoming games from 2006.  Were we right?  Listen and see.

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