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In this episode, Paul talks about politics in war games, and Geoff talks about the Past, Present, and Future of luck. Tom reviews the kid's game Baren Stark, while Sam discusses Soccer Tactics World. We debate the merits of Quick Count Football, and talk about recent games played - Ra, Commands and Colors, Hyper Slide, and Power Grid. Finally, Giles, Mark, Tom and Sam all discuss the upcoming year, and what they think will be great expansions and games coming out.

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In this episode, originally posted August 17, 2005, Tom and Sam review games and discuss their "kangaroos" and "turkeys". They also give their top ten games from 2004.

This show was sponsored by Your Move Games.

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In this episode, the Dice Tower crew review the year 2007, talking about the biggest surprises, worst games, strangest games, biggest disappointments, most innovative games, best expansions, best party game, best gateway games, best kids games, and games with the best components. We discuss some of the biggest board game stories of the year - and end the show with our top ten games of 2007!

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In this show, Joe and Tom discuss several games and talk about what games would make a good meal - really! They list the top ten games of their wives, argue about Memoir '44, and review a couple of games.

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