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In this show, we talk about several new games we've played, including the Maranda series of abstract strategy games.  We answer several questions, talking about iOS games, card games, dungeon games, games to tempt a role player, and more.  Finally, we end the show with our top ten games that we hate to lose!

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Open or Closed Scoring is a classic argument that seems to be around forever, so we thought we talk about it once again!  We also are joined by quite a few contributors, including Geoff talking about game economies, Ryan playing long games and liking it, and a new segment on solo games.  We also review several new games, including Mage Wars, Infiltration, Dungeon Command, and Space Cadets live!  All that, news, Tom repeating himself, and more!

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In this classic episode, originally posted- January 6, 2006, Joe Steadman and I give a joint review of Railroad Tycoon, listen to an audio review by Walt O'Hara, and get schooled in German pronunciation.  We also talk about our top ten game designers.

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In this episode, we announce the Dice Tower Awards for 2012 - awarding the best games that came out in the year 2011.

Find the complete set of winners and nominees at

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In this episode, Tom gives a quick recap of Dice Tower Convention 2012, and we also talk about recently played games, including Shadowrift.  We answer listener questions, and end the show talking about our top ten favorite board game designers.

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In this show, we add two new contributors, one who takes a look at Clout: Fantasy.  We also talk about several new games including Pret a Porter and Behutunsburg.  Greg visits another store, and Mark reviews Rodeo Rummy.  Finally, we end the show with a question of what to do with multiple games going on at the same time in a gaming group.
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