The Dice Tower
In this show, we talk about Zombicide, 2019: the Arctic, and Dungeon Command.  We also answer a pile of questions, including why we don't talk much about print and play games, Carcassonne expansions, a good baseball game, and superhero games.  We end the show talking about our top ten "lucky" games - games that have luck as a major mechanic.
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Here's an early Christmas Present for you - Game On! with Cody and John.  

John says...

In this special episode of Game On! with Cody and John, we come out of retirement to record a special episode in support of the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund. The winner of our JVMF auction was Trent Hamm ("trenttsd" here on BGG), and he's our programming director and benevolent dictator for this episode. So, listen as we expound on Gen Con for newbies, discuss how to start an RPG group from scratch, and bring you a full review of FFG's Android:Netrunner. For this episode only, Trent rules!!

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In this show, we take a look at Kemet, Pixel Tactics, King of Tokyo Power Up! and Noir.  Geoff talks about cheating, Tom talks about how and when you should buy games for others for Christmas, and Brian examines Kremlin.  Bart looks at some Kickstarter games, Matt does a game you can play Solo, and James about expanding the hobby.  We end the episode with our best gaming finds we've ever found at a thrift store.

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Whew!  Another long episode in which we talk about recent games, such as Manhattan Project, Treehouse, Edo, Guidhall, and Courtier.  We also answer quite a few user questions, where we talk about almost getting sued,  why we keep expansion boxes, which side of Merchants of Venus is better, and what to do if you want to publish a game.  Finally, we end the episode with our top ten "Games that Have Stood the Test of Time" - games that are just as relevant today as they were when they were published.

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A mega episode, jammed full of all sorts of stuff!  First, we talk about some recently played games, such as Copycat, Spellbound, Escape, and Robinson Crusoe.  The Chief talks about Kickstarter, Brian about Looping Louie, the Snakes and Latte guys about trivia, Mark about Ravinca, Greg about another gaming stores, and the Pirate Cast guys about expansions.  We have a tale of horror, a musings on GameSalute, some SUPER exciting news, and special report from BGG.con.  Finally, we end the show with games that only we seem to dislike - everyone else loves them!

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