The Dice Tower

In this show, we take a look back at the year 2018 for board gaming!  We discuss the year as a whole, talk about our favorite art in games, our favorite expansion, our favorite reprint, our favorite cooperative game, and more!  We end the show with our top ten games of the year!

Also, Merry Christmas!

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In this episode, we talk about a pile of games, as Mandi talks about her experiences at the Dice Tower Retreat.  We also talk about cleaning up games.  Who's responsible?

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In this episode, Tom and Eric take a look at The Pretender, Ya Blew It, Nemesis, The Reckoners, Ceylon, and Solenia.   We also hear Geoff test out the Pop-O-Matic, and answer a pile of questions.  Finally, we end the show talking about our favorite adventure games.  Also, did I mention we were in the same room?

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In this episode, we come to you live from Pax Unplugged 2018.  Not only do Mandi and Suzanne talk about the convention itself, but Tom and Eric invade the show to join in some of the segments!

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