The Dice Tower

In this show, recorded live at the Gama Trade Show in Las Vegas, Tom and Eric give more news than any one show should ever handle, and also give first impressions of Star Trek: Attack Wing and Fluxx: the Board Game.  We also have Brian talk about Dreamblade, Chief about Kickstarter, Geoff about Allen Calhamer, and Giles about - well, just listen.  And another contest!

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In this show we talk about some new games we've played, and end the show with our ten favorite science fiction games!

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A jam packed episode!  Including:  Reviews of Alcatraz, Skagway, Hoplomachus, and Fantastiqa, Brian taking a look-back at Get Bit, talk about upcoming conventions, Barry talking about conquering your family, a tale of Horror, Geoff getting into rules lawyering, James discussing innovation, Tom rambling all over the place, a contest, and our question of the week - how long have we gone without playing games and how did we handle such a horror!?  Whew!

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The second half of our show we recorded live at TotalCon 2013, Eric and I have another tale of Horror, and talk about some more recently played games.  We answer a few questions, but spend most of the show talking about the best games to play at conventions.

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