The Dice Tower

In this episode, Sam and Tom review It's Alive, Uptown, and Lifeboat. We also discuss a lot of questions, and mention several recently played games, such as Fire and Axe and Heroscape. Geoff talks about the Entertaible, Mortiz talks about innovative game design, and Jason gives more insight to war games. Eric Martin joins us by giving us news highlights, and Tom talks about his top ten games that have stood the test of time.

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In this episode, we announce the winner of our BattleLore contest and start a new contest for Starcraft: the Board Game! Then, we go back to episode 5 and listen to Tom and Joe discuss if it's ever right to deliberately lose a game, and what games are good for young children. Tom reviews Infinifield, Joe reviews Victoria Cross, and both give their top ten thematic games.

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In this episode, originally aired May 25, 2005 - Tom and Joe answer a myriad of listener questions, discussing various classic abstracts, using games in church, and why war games are so long. Tom rants about playtesting, and they both talk about the games that give them the most stress. Atlantic Storm and Mr. Bigshot are reviewed, and they both discuss "Turkeys and Kangaroo" games. Finally, they end the game with their top ten games from the other side: Tom with war games, and Joe with Eurogames.

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In this episode, Greg talks about the International Gaming Awards, Geoff talks about the psychology of reviews, and Mary praises Tichu. Moritz and Paul discuss the finer points of gaming, and we have a review of Lock and Load. Ted discusses GenCon, and we field a few questions (and a couple's quarrel!) Finally - Greg, Sam, and Tom give their top ten card games.

This show was sponsored by Days of Wonder.

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