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The Dice Tower is an Internet podcast about tabletop games. Your hosts for the show are Tom Vasel, noted game reviewer, industry veteran Julie Ahern, and voice actor and reviewer Eric Summerer. 

In the show, Tom, Julie, and Eric talk about boardgames, card games, wargames, miniatures, and the people who play them.

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Dec 21, 2012

Here's an early Christmas Present for you - Game On! with Cody and John.  

John says...

In this special episode of Game On! with Cody and John, we come out of retirement to record a special episode in support of the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund. The winner of our JVMF auction was Trent Hamm ("trenttsd" here on BGG), and he's our programming director and benevolent dictator for this episode. So, listen as we expound on Gen Con for newbies, discuss how to start an RPG group from scratch, and bring you a full review of FFG's Android:Netrunner. For this episode only, Trent rules!!